Inline vs onbud controls

I’m sure i got the names for these types of controls wrong, but I guess you know what i mean :slight_smile:
Just wanted to share a few words.

I owned Soundbuds Sport. lost the, now i have Soundbuds Slim+.

I gotta say, I really hate the fact that controls have been moved on the cable, instead of being on the bud itself.

When it was on the ear, at any point of time i know EXACTLY where it is. The way it is here on thr Sounbuds Slim+, I lose more time fiidling.


Yep, understand your point, i guess the problem is the size of the slim+, they don’t have room for IC and buttons on them, as they have batteries on each side already :slight_smile:

I’ve never had an issue with finding the controls. On the slims. Then again I’ve never had an earbud set with them in the buds or near the ear. I think it’s what you are use to.

It’s not just what you are used to. It’s physics.
When it’s on the bud, as I said, you always know EXACTLY where it is and you develop muscle memory. You don’t even think about it, it’s automatic.

Cable on the other hand is not on the same spot exactly. You reach with your hand. Then, it’s not always at the same angle, so I you feel for the buttons, then you need to find the middle one… It’s simply a more demanding action.

Also, i hate how they (whoever designs and manufactures these) changed how you skip to the next track. You have to long press the play button! Long press is the worst control ever in any system for whatever. It’s just tedious. Double press is faster and less tedious.

They did not think through the controls very well.

That being said, since buds are smaller and lighter now, they are more secure in the ears, and they don’t even fall out when running. So “surprisingly”, they are better for jogging then the Sport version is :slight_smile:

Also, AptX HD is not working very well. I get interuptions all the time. And i don’t even notice difference in quality when streaming standard quality music (deezer) so I switched back to SBC.

FOR ME, just the controls are reason enough to recommend the older Sport version. If there are people like me, they should take that into consideration when purchasing one or the other model.

I don’t mind inline controls, but controls on the buds themselves are probably nicer. I own a pair of Soundbuds Tag and Samsung Gear IconX, and the gesture controls on the IconX are fantastic. I wouldn’t really mind the Tag’s inline controls, but only having inline controls on one side of the cable always seems to make the cable uneven if I put it around the back of my neck. Little things like that add to the appeal of earbud controls.

Thanks for your feedback!

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