Infrared Remote Codes for Nebula Mars 2?

Could anyone share the remote IR codes for the Nebula Mars 2? These don’t seem to be available online.

The new Amazon Fire TV 4K Stick remote has controls for volume control and input switching. It would be nice to use this remote exclusively as I never use the stock Nebula Mars 2 OS or remote except for volume control.

I should also note that the Fire TV Stick remote did not automatically discover the Mars 2 via setup, which is why I’m looking for the codes.


Your best bet is to email support for the codes or call them

Same boat here. Checked under anker, nebula, capsule. No luck. The older fire devices have been a great pairing with the nebula line, would love volume compatibility

I can start at the A’s if you want to go from the z’s on up lol. Tcl sent the power code to it, via a volume button on the remote.

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Came here looking for the same info! Would be great to get it working…

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I as well came here for the same reasons mentioned above ^ and have left disappointed, so I thought I’d add my voice in the hope someone at Anker cares. Not being able to use volume and power on with the Fire TV Remote is a real pain for something that has an otherwise flawless experience. This would truly be the cherry on top of an already great entertainment experience. I got the Nebula Mars Lite in the hopes that I could just pop in a Fire Stick and have limitless entertainment with very easy use. Having to keep up with two remotes is not exactly what I had in mind, considering that the Fire TV Volume works with other TV devices. I don’t understand why this couldn’t be added. Please add this if you can Anker!!! I know a lot of people would really appreciate it. :blush:


Not sure if this is a very late reply, but I just got a fire tv and had the same problem and I could solve it.
On your fire tv settings->Equipment control-> manage equipment-> TV-> change TV, it will prompt you to confirm, then when you confirm it will say that it detected a TV (in my case it said Toshiba) and will ask you if it’s correct; press no. Then it will ask you " what brand of TV do you have?", scroll down till you find ANKER. choose that. Then it will ask you to try the volume button and you’re good to go!

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Any update on this? Having the same issue. I can’t get the FireTV remote to control the volume on my Mars Lite.

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This did not work for me. The only option under Anker that I see is “Capsule” and that does not work.

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You need to update the fire TV first and then add a TV equipment by going to settings. It will show a list of brands and you need to select Anker.

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