Influencer Product placements

The weather is not so nice so I’m more on my devices and social media. In the last months, I have watched different german videos which had Anker product placements in it and I have to say that I don’t really like them.

I don’t know what your requirements for the people are but I would like it if you inform them more about your products. For example, the channel “2Bough” promoted the PowerPort wireless and wireless stand. First, he pronounced QI wrong but that doesn’t really matter.
I think what is more important than that is that he said: “the most of the newer phones support that wireless charging”. His examples were iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. When he talked about Android phones his information were not really precise what is not so good because in Germany more people have android phones. Also, we all know that older android phones support wireless charging.

I would like if we could use this channel to post videos with Anker product placements because I’m really interested in how people present this brand and we might be able to see as the community were Anker could give them more information.

@AnkerOfficial it would be nice if you could post videos where you had a promotion with influencer because at least in Germany the influencer have to show when they had a deal with a company and that would save time to look for these videos.