Infinite recording

Hi all.
how can i enable infinite recording of video?
It only records if you click button on the side of camera, but i want to record all journey when car is turned on.
can someone help me?

It may help if you specify which model of cam your referring too?

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Hi @Nodar_Tchumbadze , just to confirm which model of camera do you have? By default as long as your Roav camera is connected to the power source (such as the 12v power socket in your car) the camera should record the whole journey in small segments (from 3-10 minutes I believe, depending on what has been set). If it’s only recording after pressing the record button, it may be wise to try a reset on the camera using either the reset button or a factory reset in the menu.

If you are still having issues after this, you would be best to reach out to or try the chat function on their website…


Correct. That is how it works on my C1 and C1 Pro. It will loop record to however much time you requested. Once the memory card fills up, it will delete old videos to make room for new ones. Please check your settings either using the Roav app or the settings on the camera itself. Hope this helps.