Infinite free energy?

I was reading recently some folks are having an issue with their fuel costs.

So I was wondering if Anker were to release an infinite free energy product would you buy it?

  • Yes
  • No

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Could you explain that a little more.
eg. examples.

Meanwhile I know its a “perpetuum mobile” :rofl:

“Infinite” and "free are interesting concepts.
A bit like the ever lasting gobstopper in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Why would a manufacturer make somethig for free?
Would the existing energy companies be able to block such a thing due to competition rules and the money the money they would lose?

But an interestjng concept @professor

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Thats so true Paul.
I remember an uncle of mine (RIP) was a developer at Bayer Leverkusen factory.
They had developed indestructible bike tires, BUT they could not be used only inside the factory.
Those where colored in a special way.
No way to drive out of the factory grounds or to buy these on the “free market”.

And there is of course this famous bulb which will last forever.
But the patents are hidden in some safes.

Most things are designed for obsolescence.

I repaired our 30 year old washer (good old German MIELE)
Works now.
What to do with such a … (censored) washer full of lousy electronic controllers.
eg,. Error 211 -> manual tells you : “Buy a new machine”