Infini Sound bar Is Discontinued FYI

Long story short, after emailing Soundcore support, it turns out the Infini Sound bar, the regular one, has been discontinued. FYI @AnkerOfficial can u take it off the website?


Wonder why it was discontinued

That was a bit quick to be decommissioned… considering it was released only in July 2018

Hope the infini Pro is still up and gets support :thinking:

Discontinued? I haven’t gotten to try it out!

Possibly one of the fastest discontinues in Anker history :open_mouth:

Wonder if they did it in favour of the Pro? @AnkerOfficial

Is there any discounted stock lying around?

we will hear soon on woot or eBay, its not available on Amazon for now

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Fab, please keep me in mind if you see/hear anything :grin:

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I will not personally be searching for one, but if I do come acrossed one I will let you know.

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My brother was going to buy one and I just found out about that a few days ago myself as I was checking up on it for him as I never saw it being posted again.

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