Indoor Solutions from Anker Eufy?

With the pandemic going on, and everyone in US & around the world in self-isolation at home, this calls for a Air purifier solutions for home.

last couple of days have been searching for one such product on Amazon and finally pulled went for it…

However this might be a product range Anker / Eufy should look into? @AnkerOfficial

Is there anything already being planned?

What are your thought?


Didn’t they do one once?

Might have been a perfume puffer.


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Did i miss one :wink:


It was an oil defuser


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Yes, they have had essential oil diffusers and humidifiers but not air purifiers.

Would most likely be a eufy/Mynt thing.

EDIT: @Shenoy, I totally forgot about this!


This is the fastest ever I have found a product I needed from Anker :+1:

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Best is open your windows and produce circuit ventilation. :wink:

It’s surprisingly bit cold here… cannot keep the windows open for long…

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The right airing is 10 minutes open the windows wide.
Then close.
That’s enough to create a prefect ventilation.
Many make the mistake they keep the windows ajar for a long time.
Not economic in houses when heating is needed.

Dont forget such air purifiers with ventilation need high class filters (Hepa or better)
to be really sufficient.
Those need to be changed and create costs. :wink:

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I have it in my garage and it changes colors