Indoor cameras that can hookup to existing base

Wondering if Eufy is developing indoor cameras that can be added to the existing base? I am looking to replace some of my indoor cameras…Surely indoor powered cameras would have better margin then outdoor cams.

What are you asking of an indoor camera that none of the other cameras can’t do, or do? All of there cameras a great for inside use as well as outside. I have the 2c 3 pack and use 1 out 2 inside and its great for that purpose.

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Yes the current cameras can be placed inside…but it makes it an expensive option for that use and quality. A 1080p camera for $100 isn’t a great value. Since most people have outlets for easy power a camera that isn’t batter based and can be streamed 100% would be better suited for indoor use.

Are you talking about one of those cheap smart cameras like the ones that range in the $30 range that can pan and tilt?

Roughly the range of 75$, but as you can see you can get a very high quality high def camera for about $75 bucks that can pan and tilt, and doesn’t need a battery. Something like that to add to the lineup and could also be added to the current hub would be great.