Indoor 2K Camera - 2K Continuous Recording

I just realized that the 2K indoor camera records only 2K for motion events and live view. When you activate 24/7 recording, the quality is downgraded to 1080p. It would be nice if you would give users the option to record continuously in 2K. I understand the storage space issue but it should be the user’s option to choose.


I did not realize that, that’s disappointing to find out as I just picked up two.

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Hey @Spartyon11 @The_Bearded_Tech_Guy
Do i have the right information in that when recording 24/7 it records to cloud only and not SD Card?
Seem to think i read that somewhere?

@paulstevenewing That is incorrect. You can record 24/7 to the local SD card. The issue is that when you toggle the 24/7 recording to “on” the camera defaults to recording in 1080p quality 24/7 and not 2K. The only time you will see 2K is when the camera records a motion event or if you go into the app and hit the record button to manually record something. Otherwise, you are recording in 1080p. They do this for storage space reasons. 2K footage would take up a lot of room on an SD card. Either way, they should allow a user to have the option to either: 1) record higher quality with less storage space 2) record lower quality with more storage space. I should mention that it doesnt matter if you have the video quality setting set to 2K either. The 24/7 recording will always be in 1080p. You only set the quality for the motion clips and live view recording from the app.

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Youre right @Spartyon11, users should be able to decide for themselves. Especially as SD cards are increasing in capacity and decreasing in cost.

Granted, a 1tb SD card is still expensive for a branded one £300 +/- and non branded around £40.
But i can get 400gb for £50 and a 512gb for £105 and non branded for about £30.
That would cover the longest period I would be away from the home for and record at 2k.