Individual notification settings for 2C

With Battery Doorbell I can adjust notifications directly in doorbell settings, it doesn’t look like I can do the same in eufyCam 2C settings as “Notifications” section is missing there.

Please advise.

Hey @Kuba2!

Thanks for reaching out.

To address your concern, the notification feature has been creating for the battery device, all the camera setting page does not have this feature.

Please give us more details about your situation and your specific need so we can assist you further.

Looking forward to your reply! Have a lovely day.

I would like for all events to be recorded but mobile notifications not sent (for the cameras only, I still want to receive the doorbell ones)

Thank you for your reply.

Could you please let us know if you are using the separate Homebase for your doorbell and eufycam 2C?

If the Homebase are different, you can choose the “Disarmed” mode on the selected Homebase so you won’t received the notifications but all the events will still be recorded.

If you still have the further concern, please feel free to reach out for more information.

Yes, I have separate homebase for 2C. Amazing, super happy there is a solution to this. Thank you for your quick help!

Setting it to “Disarmed” mode actually disables recording of the events as well. But I found an option available inside “Home” and “Away” setting that gives the user ability to enable/disable notifications separately from recording of a video which is exactly what I was after.

Glad you found the solution! And sorry for the inconvenience it caused.
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Another option is to snooze the camera for up to 2 hours. I think this just supports being on s meeting for example. Customising a security mode is the best way.