Incorrect Amazon Product Information - PowerCore+ 13400

The picture shows only 2 ports, but the text says 3. I don’t own this product, so I’m not sure which is right, but it is confusing.

I see three. 2 USB and 1 Micro USB. :eyeglasses:

There are some adapters that can fit into micro usb and give an output. But I think what they really mean is the charger itself is one of the devices that can high speed recharge.

Well, if that’s the case, it is not consistent with many, if any, of there other portable chargers, making it even more frustrating. Either way, something needs to fix. This would be the easy way. What you seem to suggesting would probably be much more challenging for Anker to change.

Could also simply be an oversight by the person who creates those pictures. More likely the case in this scenario. Either way most people wont even realize that mistake lol. Ive never seen a person have three things attatched to a battery of that size to begin with, that sucker would drain so fast lol

You should get 3-5 full phone charges :joy::joy: quite a bit if you ask me.