In the market for a plug in battery charger with wireless charging capability

I’m in the market for a wall charger that has a battery with at least one USB and one PD port that also supports wireless charging. I had a unit That was able to do this for a couple years that got dropped a few more times than I’d like to admit and it’s bit the dust. Does Anker have one in development??

Not publically announced.

On current shipping you can buy these separate (charger, battery, wireless) or



My own opinion is you won’t see all 3 in one product any time soon. There’s too many engineering problems to solve. Heat and batteries don’t get along, wireless makes more heat, and if you added heat from charger, I think it would be unreliable.

You could merge wall charger with wireless but what’s the point? You could merge a desktop charger with wireless, that’s highly viable.

You could make a hub with wireless.

You could make a kind of wireless + speaker + battery, I think that would sell extremely well.

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I had a similar product for a couple years that had two USB fast charging ports, on PD port, a 10,000 milliamperes battery with wireless charging that plugged into a wall I bought off amazon. It worked beautifully for a long time. Though it did get hit when charging the internal battery with my phone. Other reviewers of this device apparently got lemons citing much of the same complaints as you and others, but for me it was great along with my anker power cores. …