In Search of a Working USB-C Power Delivery Power Bank

I am trying to find a portable battery that can support the iPad Pro 10.5 Fast Charge with USB-C.

I have done some testing with wall chargers and power banks and I have found that some chargers actually discharge my iPad. The only products I have found that work are the Google, Apple, and Anker wall chargers. Of course, the 29W Apple charger is the fastest at around 3900mAH.

DBPOWER’s Wall Charger and iMuto’s Power Bank discharge my iPad at around -1400mAH so when I walked away, I saw that the percentage of my iPad has decreased. I also made sure it was charging by clicking the power banks button and still had the same result.

Anker’s current PD Bank is shown on Amazon to output 22.5W of power, but I’ve also seen people say 30W.

Can anyone confirm which answer is right?

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So the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD should fast charge you iPad Pro, it just might not be quite as fast as what you can get with 30W. Anker does have another PD PowerCore with 30W, but it is even more expensive and heavy. Not good value IMO.

The hope is that Anker will soon (coming months?) release a few more PD batteries that aren’t as big and costly as the technology becomes more widely accessible. However, @AnkerOfficial will not share any details as to when or even what we can expect…

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@AnkerOfficial doesn’t want to let us know so people can buy out the “old inventory” first :cry:

I wish I could get some insight. I purchased a PowerCore Speed 20000 PD (including charger) recently when it was on sale ($60.00) and it remains unopened. I can’t decide to keep it or not. I bought it to “future proof” myself when I pick up the next Iphone for fast charging using the PowerCore Speed 20000 PD Charger and battery pack.I have a few Anker 10,000 so I am not in an extreme rush for a 20,000 but thought it was a good price to buy now to use later.

Do you think I should return and wait and see what the market has in the next 8 months or so?

Thanks in advance for your opinion.

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$60 is a good price, but if you don’t currently have a device that has PD capability, I guess I might wait it out and see what Anker comes out with soon (hopefully by 8 months from now…)

On the other hand, the new models probably won’t be drastically different and I honestly doubt that they will be cheaper than $60.

If you already have a few Anker 10000s you’re probably set for a little while though haha.

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I figured If I was going to get a 20000 now anyway then the p0wercore only really cost me around 40 and the charger 20 for the total of 60. But as I said I really don’t need PD now. I do have some C to lightening cables already, I guess I could always use those in the PD for now and still have a second USB if I needed.

I agree with your comment…that’s what makes it such a hard decision.

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