In depth review of the Anker PowerDrive 2 Alloy

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Having been sent this little 12V charger by Anker to review I used it on my commute to work for my summer job. Two months later I have had time to fully test the product.

Build quality is excellent, as I have come to expect from all of my Anker products (all payed for with my own money), the charger has a premium metallic feel and the blue LED is a nice addition. After two months of usage I’ve yet to scratch charger and the sockets still have a solid click when I insert my PowerLine+ cable.
On top of this the PowerDrive 2 Alloy doesn’t get hot like some other car chargers do, at most it gets warm when both slots are being used.

Performance has been faultless, with it charging my phone quickly every time. Charge speed is not quite as fast as my 2 port PowerDrive+ charger but what it lacks in speed the PowerDrive 2 Alloy makes up for in both compactness and price - the PowerDrive 2 Alloy costs around £5 / $6 / 5.50EUR less and sticks out from the 12V outlet around 1cm/0.4in less than the PD+. The value of this product is further improved when you take into account the deals available on Amazon when purchasing multiple Anker products

To conclude the PowerDrive 2 Alloy is an excellent value car charger which has performed without fault for me and I will continue using it for many months to come.

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Thank you for reviewing this product and sharing your experience :+1:. Would you mind posting some photos of it?


Sure thing, I will do this when I’m next home in a few days. In the meantime I will upload some of Anker’s stock photos.