In car charger for Samsung S10+

Hi all
Any recommendations for an in car wired charger for a Samsung S10+ please?
I’ve read about this one
However in the description at the bottom it states compatiblity issue with the S9’s.
I just want a quick charging in car wired charger.
Many thanks

I have that charger and it depends on which cable you use whether or not it will quick charge the galaxy s9+. I previously had the S9+ and it always fast charged the phone.
But you have the s10+, and I currently now have the s10E and it still fast charges my phone, I use the cable that came with my phone as well as This cable and have not had any issues fast charging my phone

But, if you really want to be safe I would go with This charger and get a USb-C to USB-C cable


Brilliant thank you Tank.

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Make sure you swap that phone in time.

Nah, I decided to just keep it. As much as I like the +, I find I’m not on my phone as much since I got the smart watch. So the one I have works for me, I can listen to music and track and pay from the watch so no need to use the phone unless I’m watching a movie or something

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I was gonna recommend the same charger @Tank posted but he heat me to it. Btw, you can use a USB-A to USB-C cable and it will also fast charge your phone. Just letting you know in case you don’t own an USB-C to USB-C cable

Hello all,
I am looking for car charger wich support samsung fast charge but I need one with 2 USB ports, I use Note 8 and my wife S10. Sometimes I need to connect other device that is why that charger what @Tank recommend might be not enough :confused: I was thinking about PowerDrive Speed 2 chargerclick but not sure it will fast charge both devices in same time?
Could you please give me some advice?
Kind regards

You would be fine with the charger I mentioned above, if you use a USB-C cable to your phone it will fast charge, and because this charger has power IQ 2.0 it can output more than enough to also fast charge your wife’s phone at the same time

Great so I’ll go for this one :wink: any recommendations for cables? Should I get those red ones?

I would go for the Powerline+ USB-C to USB-C cable for your phone, and whichever cable your wifes phone needs

Does anyone know why some anker quick charge devices say they can fast charge s10+ and some can’t?

For instance I have the 39 watt Powerdrive speed 2. . It has qualcomm quick charge 3.0 and power iq 1 on both ports. It says “Not compatible with full-speed charging for Note 9, S9, and S9+. These devices will charge at normal speed.”

I also have a Power Port Speed 5 at home. It has 2 qualcomm quick charge 3.0 ports and all 5 ports support power iq 1 as well. So seemingly they are identical technologies.
It says “The Quick Charge port is not compatible with the Samsung wireless chargers’ fast charge mode.” so seemingly that would only affect 10watt qi charging, which again is confusing because I thought qi was supposed to be universal?

I’d really like to avoid having to buy new chargers and create a bunch of e-waste just because I bought a new phone.

The Note and S9/+ technically dont support Quick charge as they use Samsungs own version of fast charging. Which is why the quick charge doesnt show it as fast charging the phones.

Also qi wireless chargers require QC 3.0 in order to support fast wireless charging, the difference is Samsungs fast chargers requires the use of their own adaptive fast charging plugs. It adapts the power output based on the needs of your phone. So while it may show fast charging, it varies the power output depending in the charge percentage so it may give full power or half power as it nears full capacity

I guess i’ll just have to try it when my new phone arrives tomorrow. I’m going to be real annoyed if I can’t use my standard anker stuff for fast charging. According to samsung’s website they claim their s10 models adaptive charging supports qualcomm quick charge 2.0. So there’s no reason it shouldn’t charge at the full 15 watt. 15 watt also seems incredibly conservative, considering my old lg g5 from 3 years ago charged at 18 watts.

I was looking into possibly putting a qi charger mount in my car, but after looking around I’m not sure you can even get the full 12 watts in any of the good mounts. and 10 watts might not even be enough to charge my phone while I run gps + hotspot + other apps. so It looks like I’ll probably have to stick with plugging in a cable.

You asked about the S9…I have the S10 now and I can confirm it fast charges.

Yeah I got my s10+, and I’m not sure why anker puts all those caveats.
Both my desktop charger and my car charger fast charging with quickcharge.
Anker should update their listings, but I guess it’s not worth the time on older products like the powerdrive speed 2, although they still sell the power port speed 5. the nice thing with the powerport, is I keep a 2nd cable plugged into one of the power iq ports, and use that for slow charging if I’m going to leave it plugged in overnight.

I haven’t tried any qi chargers yet, although I still don’t get why a quick charge 3.0 port would have any trouble fast charging a wireless charger.

I will say one interesting thing, is even though s10+ only supports qc 2.0 @15 watts (with a 4100mah) and my lg g5 supported qc3.0 @18watts (with a 3000mah), I think for the first 30 minutes or so the s10+ seems to charge faster, maybe better thermal management? or maybe the lg was only hitting 18 watts for a very brief period.