[Important] Update For iOS 11.2.5 Connection Issue With Your Roav VIVA

Hi everyone,

This is an update to our message about the iOS 11.2.5 connection issue with Roav VIVA. Please ignore this message if you are an Android user.

We have previously informed you about this connection problem and suggested a method to use VIVA with your Apple device. After communicating with Apple on multiple occasions, we want to inform you that Apple has fixed the bug by updating their software to iOS 11.2.6. Below is the software update information for your reference.

If you still have a connection issue with Roav VIVA related to the 11.2.5 version of iOS, please update your device to iOS 11.2.6 to see if this takes care of the issue. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend you to update the latest iOS so that you can get the best experience with Roav VIVA. Please follow the steps below to update:

Settings->General->Software Update->Download and Install

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly via this email or via Live Chat in the Roav VIVA app or on the Roav website [Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (PT)]. Remember that your Roav VIVA comes with a 12-month warranty.

The Roav Customer Service Team


nice, going to give it a shot today!

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I received my Viva yesterday, did the update on the firmware to 3.2.1 and was able to connect with my phone which is on iOS 11.2.6. This morning when I tried to connect it will not connect thru the app. I can manually connect through bluetooth, but all the functionality from the App (Alexa) does not work. Please help

Do you have constant Internet connection? You need to have either data or wifi on in order for it to work prropetly

Hey, same problem here. Newest ios and firmware. Device connects through iphone settings but not within the app. Reboot of the iphone helps but you have to setup the whole app and device each time. After Reboot you have to register again before being able to use the app and connect the device as completely new Bluetooth device. Not very useful doing this every morning. Any idea?

@Thehack904 @Gunnar_Petersen We are so sorry to hear that you have some issues with your VIVA. Could you please delete and reinstall VIVA app to see if it helps? If possible, please try a different phone.

If unfortunately the issue persists, please feel free to contact us via support@goroav.com. We are always here to help.

Really? Your blasting this product because it doesn’t work with the latest iOS update? Go blame Apple because with all their latest updates it has ruined or caused problems with a number of devices not just this product.

Also, they described the fix above so if you choose not to do it then that’s on you. Contact support@anker.com with your issue and they will take care of you

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I’m more likely to blame Apple just as well. Even though they never break anything in their iOS updates and will never admit to such, most times it’s revealed that it was their fault.

Case in point: I’m still happily on iOS 9.3.5 even though I can run their “latest and greatest”

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