Important Software Update for eufyCam

Dear backers,

Thank you for supporting eufyCam!

Today we’re happy to share with you an important software release.

Since backers started receiving their eufyCams, we have received tons of messages, mostly a combination of inquiries and suggestions, but also some issues.
We believe delivering a solid system is more important than adding new features at this current stage. So, we focused on feedback from backers and worked hard to ensure most of the issues can be addressed in time.

Below are the key release notes for HomeBase’s v1.0.6.5 firmware update. We are deploying this firmware update over the air now; your eufyCam system will apply this update automatically when it’s idle; no action is required from you.

  1. Optimized the wireless driver, improving the wireless range by 20%.
  2. Fixed the bug that prevented users from receiving notifications in some scenarios.
  3. Fixed the bug in Schedule Mode that prevented eufyCam from following camera settings in Home and Away Mode.
  4. Fixed microSD card errors.
  5. Fixed video play errors.
  6. Fixed the bug that prevented eufyCam from detecting or recording events occasionally.
  7. Fixed the bug that prevented eufyCam from switching off, keeping it awake to detect movement and record events.
  8. Fixed the bug that prevented Night Vision mode from switching off when the user turned off the feature.
  9. Fixed the bug that prevented the charging LED on eufyCam from switching off even once eufyCam is fully charged.
  10. Fixed the bug that prevented eufyCam from going into Sleep mode after detecting motion, which resulted in its battery draining faster.
  11. Fixed the bug that triggered HomeBase’s alarm when eufyCam’s alarm went off.

To backers who are expecting new features, please do not worry. We are working on new feature developments and simultaneously fine-tuning everything else. Please see the below timetable on our software roadmap.

Best Regards!

eufy Security Team


Hey Eufy Team,
Good to see new update coming in. I’m so excited since I received my two cameras few days ago and can’t wait to order add-ons soon.
However, I’m really frustrated with your Over The Air FW updates as I have been running on since day 1 and never got and OTA… I found it really annoying to not being able to force OTA
Please help on having my system running on latest FW.


Thanks for finally giving everyone a timeline. I don’t personally own one, but I’m sure people that do are thrilled right now.

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@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport It’s been at least 3 days since the release of software update. I still have not gotten the update. I have rebooted the HB a couple of times, still no update. There must be a way for you to push these updates out rather than passively waiting for it. You say the update happens when the HB is “Idle”. What determines “idle”?


I am on Android and #8 still does not work correctly. Whenever I turn off Night Vision in the Live Camera view, exit the app, and then go back into it, Night Vision is on again.

I have already informed Howard that this issue is still not fixed.

HomeBase version is
Camera version 1.6.9
App version 1.0.5

Not sure why it is so hard to fix this problem on the EufyCam series. Hard to believe but I still have the original AnkerCam (and still using them) and IR/Night Vision stays off whenever I turn it off.

Same Here…no update yet after restarting base via app and switching off cameras.

We do appreciate the suggestions, and will work on the way we do our updates, but for now just wait a couple of days and it should be pushed to your system!

This just means that it is connected to the internet and not being accessed by anything. Leave the system alone for a couple of days - you will be updated soon!!

Give it a couple of days, it’s an auto-update that cannot be triggered from your end! Check the firmware version tomorrow morning!

What’s the difference between &
I see RTSP is expected DEC 2018 will that be

Please add/include manual FORCE update feature in future !
I know you are trying to find an idle time so the update process would not interfere with surveillance, but it might be hard to find that time with your current algorithm.

@AnkerTechnical @AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport
Do you currently have a beta test group for eufycam?

It appears as if you stage the updates which I guess is for 1 of 2 reasons
1 to save on server bandwidth
2 to get feedback from those that get it first

Is it worth sending any new updates to a select group that can report any issues first to trial? Obviously security patches would need to be done as soon as possible

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Still waiting for the firmware update!:slight_frown:
couple days have gone couple times…

Stil haven’t received the update and I even turned off the cameras for a 12 hour period. #WorkingAsIntended

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Same here, my system is online since the 7th of december, still no updates, still at it’s been a while now …

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Nope, still nothing. :unamused:

Y’all are gonna hate me, but my HomeBase updated to a few hours ago. I’m in the US and have been receiving HB updates pretty regularly, so I’m thinking that there’s an issue with the update servers and non-US locales. Cameras are at v1.6.9, btw.


At least it’s good to know that some guys are managing to properly use the product and benefit from latest developments.
This should make it clear to @AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial that something is going wrong somewhere with their solution as many are complaining about having not benefited from a single OTA since their initial setup.