Importance of dashcam and regret

I was recently witness to a fatal car accident involving a reckless driver and a car with a single female occupant. It happened directly in front of me with an unobstructed view. I tried to comfort the woman through the wreckage as we waited for paramedics to arrive and get her out of the car. I told her it would be alright even though it was obvious it was not. She was in very bad shape and fighting for every breath. It was one of the most horrible things I have ever experienced. After police investigation and witness statements, The reckless driver was charged with manslaughter and other charges including dui. Case is pending

I have had many thoughts about the accident, including dreams and flashbacks when i hear a car accident sound on tv, But one of the many thoughts has been regret as well. I am currently beta testing a dash cam and have had issues with the mount staying put on the windshield, while working with roav to resolve it, the solution was less than optimal for me so unfortunately didn’t have my dash cam in place when the accident occurred.
I regret that because I feel that it would be an air tight case to convict the driver and give some justice to the victims family.
I don’t think a jury in the world could not find the driver at fault if they were able to watch what I saw happen right in front of me. It was one of the first thoughts I had afterwards was “I should have had my dashcam up”. I’m still fairly confident he will still be convicted, but its one of those things that bugs me and probably will for a long time.

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Bill mate, what you’re experiencing is PTSD,.

You don’t have to be a victim or returning soldier, that gets it.

I don’t know how it works where you are, but there maybe some form of free counselling available for you via the police department,nor DAs office?

Sounds a lot like guilt, over the dash-cam, but hindsight is shit and useless at predicting stuff. Don’t stress over that, although it’s prob your PTSD that causing you to focus on it.

Please, seek out some professional help.

Good luck :grinning:


Sorry to hear about that @bill_rae , probably not much comfort to your whirlwind of images in your mind at present but at least the woman had someone around to be with her at the time…I would suggest though as it seem to be playing on your mind that you look into talking to your doctor or councilor etc over the issue, so it doesn’t get on top of you…

As for the regret of the dashcam, do not be too hard on yourself…life is a meld of ‘what if’s’ and ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda’s’, even with clear video evidence there no guarantees of a slam dunk, as even with the evidence, the outcome is still relying on the common sense of twelve individuals and then a judge who is confined to what he can do by the law books (which is a tall order). A quick ‘bad childhood’ ,‘bout of depression’ etc can easily sway things to be more lenient on the outcome…


I’m sorry to hear about the accident and what you went thru. But take comfort in knowing that you were there to comfort her in her time of need and that she wasn’t alone. As for what you are going thru, like others have suggested, perhaps you need to talk to someone about it. And as far as the dash cam goes, it’s just one of those things… if you had it up, you wouldn’t have witnessed anything but since you didn’t you did. The world is full of “what ifs,” therefore, not worth torturing yourself if it. Just know that you did what you could for her and that you’re a good person that cares about a complete stranger. Not everyone that is in your shoes, would do the same for her. So bravo to you. :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that you witnessed such a thing. I’m thankful that you were not hurt in any way being so close to the accident. It’s uncanny to think how such an event can change us and cause us to question. I hope that you will be well.


It will get better. Just use this event as a daily constant reminder that life can be taken in a blink of an eye. While we are here we should live life to it’s fullest and cherish the moments we have on Earth no matter how big or small. Hang in there buddy this was not your fault and do not beat yourself up thinking what if. After all you are the second best witness a jury would need to get a conviction.


I have been trying to find the words since I read @bill_rae 's post this morning and don’t think you could have stated the fragility of life and that life should be lived to the fullest every day any better. @bill_rae hang in there and know your not alone if you need someone to speak with and work this out. I’m glad you were not hurt in the accident.

I see life and death everyday and this line of work will make or break you. It will humble you and make you appreciative of everything in life that has been given to you. @bill_rae just be greatful you lived to tell the story and she was not tending to you, a split second sooner from you departing wherever you were leaving from, and that would have been you. Think about it, and let that be the motivation you need to move forward and prosper. You are still alive and breathing today for a reason. Best regards brother.