I'm officially done with Micro-USB & Lightning ... only USB-C from now on

I bought my last Micro-USB device yesterday. A travel router as I will be travelling overseas this month. Now, I am officially done. I almost didn’t buy the travel router just because it was Micro-USB, but the price was so low that it got me. Going forward, I don’t care if a “$500 item” is on sale for $10, if it uses Micro-USB only, then I’m not buying it. Lightning also, bye-bye.

I only want USB-C for my portable devices. Smartphones, tablets, computers, battery packs, etc. No more iPhones unless they start using USB-C. My last 3 Android phones have already been USB-C. My iPad Pro is already USB-C. My Amazon Fire 8 is Micro-USB, and I almost upgraded to the Fire 10 over Black Friday just because it had USB-C, but my wife stopped me.

I think most NEW Anker devices are now USB-C. Thank you for that!

Oh, and I see that @professor already vented about this in 2017. I vented about it in the Anker wish list thread last year.


Completely agree with this post and the title… I want to move away from MicroUSB as much possible.

Today received Xfinity Flex streaming device, and guess what… it had USB-C power input and adapter… so it’s almost time all vendors start planning on standard USB-C input.

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Thanks for referring my earlier rant.

Currently my phone, two tablets, are USB-C. Eventually as prices came down I then got USB-C Powercore and Powerport.

But my Anker LC flashlights, Anker soundbuds are still Micro-B so I still keep USB-A Powerport and Powercore. I have to leave the house for an overnight with a MicroB cable and a Type A port.

I have one only-C Powerport but mostly its a hybrid A and C charger.

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I agree with your point here @onstar all the manufacturers should think about it and there may be a cost saving for them as well by doing this way…
I am not there yet, as my iPhone is lightning port, Anker 26800+ uses micro USB, Spirit X uses micro… and several others…
I may try to give preference to “C” going forward though…


Grin. At last my first Anker USBC audio device.

Just need Anker to make short C to C cables


I’m not fully there either. I meant “officially done” as in officially done BUYING them. I still have too many devices that rely on Micro-USB, although I’m slowly purging them. In fact, I just gave away an Anker 6700 this morning because I got frustrated with the Micro-USB my friend needed one. I think 3 out of my 12+ Anker batteries use USB-C for input; I plan on giving away all the Micro-USB Anker batteries by the end of this year.


What micro usb? :eyes:

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i’m getting there, slowly…

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One cable to rule them all :+1:


Oh dear, I just bought the Liberty Air 2 to replace the Liberty Air.

USB-C … Qi wireless … 7 hours per charge and 28 total hours (up from 5 & 20) … but mostly because I can’t stand Micro-USB.

Cool, £99? Given most of their life I’ll be using 1 bud as 1 bud will fall out and get lost, I figured paying £33 for the Life P2 is better. USB-C, but not wireless Qi case charging (don’t own any wireless charging phones, no wireless chargers yet here)

You could save yourself some frustration buy buying a handful of cheap usb-c to micro usb adapters, that way you only carry the usb-c cables

I would say buy 2-3 good brand & trusted cable such as Anker instead of cheap ones :wink:

The cable is not the issue. It’s the port. When I’m fumbling in the dark, I always try to insert the Micro-USB the wrong way. It should be 50/50 but it sure feels like 80/20 wrong way.




I thought I was done buying Micro-USB & lightning devices. But then I bought a bunch of Eufy cameras (Micro-USB) when I moved in May. And last week, I bought the iPhone 12 (lightning). I’m hoping I’m really done this time.

I’m starting to feel about USB-A in the same negative way that I feel about Micro-USB. For 2021, I will aim to not buy devices that rely on USB-A or any cables with a USB-A plug. My desktop has 1 USB-C port, and my Pixelbook only has USB-C ports. I’m definitely not buying any battery packs or chargers that don’t support USB-C PD.

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Agree we should push to all USBC.

You should be able to get near to it by making all charging ports to be USBC and the other end being Lightning or MicroB. C to L cables are easily available., C to MicroB harder to come by.

Anker is holding us back, I can easily get a 2 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 10 port USBA charger but can’t really get more than 2 USBC port charger and not more than 1 USBC powerbank. Anker is still selling, forcing us, to get USB A charging ports other than in the 1 or 2 port chargers.


100% agree onstar :smiley::sunglasses::clap:
Trying to move away from micro-usb as well. Industry needs to adopt usb-c standard more
This should be a full industry standard

I can’t buy a device if it’s not usb-c as well :wink:

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I agree if they sold chargers with more than two USB c ports I’m sure some people such as myself would buy them. It really does feel like they are forcing me to not let go of USB A but you got to make the jump eventually. I am really really hoping more and more devices start having multiple USB c ports. The announcing and release of the 63W slim felt like a step in the right direction but still a long way to go


Even though I have 10+ Anker batteries and 2 non-Anker batteries, I will buy another Anker battery if they made one that had 2 USB-C ports. Please pretty please @AnkerOfficial?

Also, I have 5+ USB-C chargers, but I’m willing to buy another Anker charger if it had at least 3 USB-C ports.