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Hi i am new to anker and i have a friend that recomended me to this site i am currently using his anker power core 13000 and i am enjoying it very much. I think i might buy it or another product can you guys give me recommendations or other products you like or use

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First off, Here are the rules to the community.

Here is another great post to read through.

I would honestly recommend any/all of the anker products, based on what you need/want.

One of my personal favorites is the soundcore flare.

Right now they are on sale for $69.99 for a two pack, in the US.

The two pack is useful since you can pair them both together, for a stereo sound.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Welcome to the Community! What kind of products would you be interested in? Anker makes all sorts of chargers, speakers, robotic vacuums, and more.


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Have a look on the website see what items catch your eye. Then you can come back here and search for previous reviews or ask if anyone has recently purchased / tested the product for some feedback.

First you should tell us what are kind of products you are looking for.
There are many and many different types of a product. :wink:

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