I'm having an issue with the Astro E1

Hi, I’m having this issue with the older Astro E1, for some reason when I press the button all 4 of the LEDs light up letting me know it’s fully charged, but it doesn’t charge, if i plug it in to charge it indicates it’s on zero and is charging, I know it’s time to get a new power bank but is this one dangerous? ( I know nothing about Lithium battery’s.)

Please try to reset by plugging both ends of the micro USB cable into the input and output port of the battery at the same time for 3-5 seconds, then recharge and discharge the battery again to see if everything works properly. Trying a different wall charger or micro USB cable may help sometimes as well.

If the problem remains, please contact Anker Customer Support to process a warranty claim.

it’s already way out of warranty, in fact i bought it from my brother, I’m just curios if it’s dangerous to keep on unstable lithium battery. (again i know nothing in this field so if i sound like an idiot it’s because i am)