I'm getting an image from someone else's camera on my Eufy 2!

I checked live images on my Eufy 2 cameras on my Windows 10 computer and one of my cameras showed me video from someone else’s camera! Judging from appearances, the video is from a geographical area far away from me. I’m in the southern USA and it’s spring here. The video shows bare trees and people with cool weather coats.
Does this have anything to do with the fact that the https://mysecurity.eufylife.com/ site uses Flash to power its video?
What’s going on here?
Is someone else watching my cameras?? I’m upset!
All my cameras display normally on my cellphone app.

That’s definitely a concerning issue. Contact support

@Clyde3 That certainly does sound concerning. I would recommend you reach out to support@eufylife.com to report the issue.

While I believes its unlikely someone is in reverse watching your cameras, if you are concerned I would recommend you disabling your camera (for piece of mind) until support responds to your issue / concern with a satisfying answer.

Please feel free to keep community members updated here to your issue and any answer you are provided!

Wow, this is not something I expected to hear about security cameras (especially since it uses the homebase). That’s crazy

I sent an emaill to support. Will post here when I get a response.

This is strange, I will be interested to read what support will answer.

Eufy Security answered my report of this problem. Here is what Howard told me:

  1. This problem is new to them.
  2. They “have developed a patch firmware version on our end, which has been deployed at 09:45 on May 2nd,”
  3. They will work with “Amazon and other flow servers to improve the workflow”

I have had no reoccurance of this problem, (unknown video on my camera)

He did not mention Adobe Flash as the video driver for the Windows https://mysecurity.eufylife.com/ application.


Thanks for keeping us informed! Hopefully the issue is now resolved and was limited in the first place.

Still surprised they haven’t overhauled the website to drop Adobe Flash in favour of HTML5, especially as several browsers have been warning of it going end of life in their products :confused:


Thanks @Clyde3 for posting the updates. Hope it is limited to one camera and eufy got it under control.