Where are the updates?

When do we get the “We’re sorry we didn’t succeed in following our own timeline post?”
Its been quiet.


Hi ErikNl,

I understand you are frustrated that the IFTTT hasn’t been completed yet and we noticed your comment under other posts, the last thing we would like to do is disappoint a valued customer like, especially our customers who backed our eufyCam on Kickstarter. The truth is, we never stop trying to finish the functionality, but we have to say, the process is much more difficult than we estimated. There are a lot of difficulties to overcome, but we are working on it.

As a newcomer in this field, we are still a young brand and there still a lot to do so as to keep us with our customers’ expectations and trust, but it is customers like you inspires us to move on. Thanks again for your support.

If you would like to contact our eufy team directly, please feel free to contact them at [support@eufylife.com]


Thank you for this enlightening post, it is good to hear that you are working on it. I think this is exactly what we wanted to hear. All we want is simple and transparent communication. We are happy to read about status updates like how is going and even when developmemt is not going as planned.

When there is a official timeline posted and you do not succeed in following the timeline that is not a problem, as long as you update and inform the community.

I guess most of it comes down to managing expectations.
Maybe it takes like 5-minutes to do an weekly update in the news and announcements forum.

Just a small what are you working on, what is in a development, what is still on the to-do list, update on the timeline plan and when can we expect the next release. I think it would be better when we as a cummunity are able to read this weekly and it will prevent a lot of negative comments everywhere.
Sometimes it feels we are not taking serious or that there is no focus or attention on keeping us as customers.


+1 for IFTTT and geofencing, any updates on this topic ?


I don’t think so

Wouldn’t you agree that since you are newcomer in this field - you shouldn’t stretch yourself thin and finish developing first product rather then jumping on multiple projects and as a results not a single one is done and finished?
If since introduction of KS kit - you’d focus on developing it rather then creating tons of other cameras, doorbells and floodlights - we would have IFTTT and homekit…


Thank you @Marek1 , you took the words right out of my mouth. But i think we all know: Money is made with fancy new gadgets i sell today, not with the old stuff i sold yesterday…

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@AnkerSupport any updates?

Looks like no updates yet

@AnkerSupport any reply?

@AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport
Any update?
Guess how long I’m waiting already.

Anyone? Or is the topic now. Invisible?

@AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport


Your post is still visible. It would be nice if eufy is still working on ifttt or some home automation integration to have some more insight or perhaps timeline.

Is ifttt or home integration on the roadmap, development, etc.

Would be nice to see some progress here. Just be clear if it’s not going to happen in the next 6 months just say so ;).


love to see IFTTT and/or smarthings integration…

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Any official replies from the eufy team regarding ifttt or other home automation integration / api ?

@AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport ?

I have to admit I’m usually pretty relaxed about missed promises on Kickstarter type products.

But this isn’t that any more.

I bought 8 cameras, a wifi doorbell, a spotlight camera and 5 door sensors under the impression that ifttt was coming as per advertising and the box.

Under Australian Consumer Law, misrepresentation is a serious matter.

I want a response from Anker within 7 days or I will be filing a complaint with Consumer Affairs.

I will also be returning the products unless a firm timeline is given as to when ifttt will be introduced.

I would have been ok with API access or webhooks as then I could roll my own ifttt solution but as there is NOTHING coming from Anker, I have to force things.

The clock has started.

@DreadPirateRoberts Im in the US and I do not see this on the box! Could you please post a pic of this on the box I’m very curious as to where it says this…:thinking: Thanks :v:

Hey @llewellyn1971, here you go.

Here’s the back of the box. It’s the second last line on the bottom right:

I tried posting more images but the Forum tells me “New Users” can only post one image.

You might note the clause has a little Superscript 1 next to it. The side of the box shows this is very teensy tiny little writing:

  1. Available by future firmware update.

Yep. I still want what I was told I was buying.

Cheers, Jason


@jasonjordan mine never listed that on the box… Very strange indeed I will try to find my box and look again. Thanks :v:

Anker Support have responded to me and offered a full refund.

Eufycam will not be seeing the advertised IFTTT integration.

I’m going to report this bait & switch to Australia’s Consumer Affairs, as although a refund has been offered, I have invested time, effort and money into installing my Eufy devices. I paid an Electrician to install the hard wired devices. I have damaged my property by permanently attaching the devices.

None of this would have occurred had Anker lived up to its advertising. I am out of pocket.

We have all be ripped off and I ask that all of you who are affected by this, complain in the loudest possible terms and also seek refunds where possible. Also, if your country has appropriate consumer laws, follow it up there too.

Not good enough.

Regards, Jason