If you had to go into Hospital with Covid-19 - what would you take?

Just a bit of what-if, not serious.

So I have had a couple of situations where I felt unwell, went to bed wondering if “this is it?” and was fine within days.

But made me think, if I were to head into hospital, what would I want to take? What should be in my packed bag?

I looked at the ICU wards and beds, and it looks most of us would not want anything other than eyes closed and a nurse. We’d be probably not thinking about technology and probably would not have any.

But if you were to head to there, what would you want to take?

I did a test pack of the 911 bag I’d take, I keep repacking it thinking I’d not care if I needed it. Geek!

So here is my list of a hypothetical:

Items I own.

  • LG Urbane Watch 2.

It is a watch but it also an LTE phone. So I’d enter with “just a watch” but it is secretly a phone. I can turn cellular off and turn it off and none know it’s a phone until I want otherwise. I’d pair this with an Android device NOT with me so it keeps working.

This is small for its capacity and recharges off 18W overnight, so I can spend about 2 days absorbed in my phone/tablet, no cables to a distant wall socket, and recharge it overnight.

So I’d be imagining I’d plug this every couple of nights into a wall socket.

  • Anker PowerPort III Duo

I can recharge the above 20000 and another device

  • Sony wh-1000xm3

Noise Isolation is awesome. For when I want to sleep and not be disturbed. These are bulky and I doubt I will be allowed.

  • Anker Soundcore Slim

I have owned these for years, they are very reliable and I struggle to find fault. They are usually around my neck. I usually now have two, one around my neck and one recharged. With the Powercore 20000mAh it can recharge the one I’m not using.

  • Finally the phone.

I’m torn between my devices, but with one eye on the screen not being bright to keep fellow ill awake and too small to make me squint, I think probably my Huawei Mediapad M5 8.4 LTE, paired with the above watch.

What would you hold close to you if that moment came?

I expect nothing we’d want we’d actually want, and probably it’s in a drawer away from us if we tried, so is just a discussion not a reality.

I hope you nor anyone ever goes to hospital :+1: ( that is wishful, being positive)

if at all, not sure if I or anyone would ever have any senses (covid causes confusion, so dont know what these devices are any worth :frowning: )

My list of items would be iPhones, Apple Watch, Powercore 20000 PD essential, L2P

So similar. Phone, smartwatch, Powercore, buds.

Hope does not alter reality, only it’s perception.

Statistically we are unlikely to go, and yes, we’d probably not be thinking about the technology topic if were to ever be real.

So just a discussion.

You’d take a wireless buds into a hospital? You’d surely lose one immediately? I prefer wired around my neck, magnets and a long bit of wire to aid finding.

We overlap at the Powercore.

  • iPhone XR
  • Ipad 2018
  • wyze band (no longer have an Apple Watch, but this should arrive soon).
  • powercore 20000 PD
  • 30w USB-C charger ([cant remember model name] with cables)
  • soundcore liberty 2 pro

Personally I would rather avoid a trip to the hospital with Covid-19 (and this applies in my thoughts for your guys & gals)…

That being said I would keep it simple (as I would think bigger worries would be afoot at the time), so for me it would be my RealMe 5 Pro phone for communications and my Liberty 2 Pro for some music to get me through it…

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What about a battery / charger to charge your phone and buds :wink:

But what if your phone / buds were flat? Not sneak in a … Powercore…?


Wires and tubes everywhere and the wall socket too-many inches away?

Hope you are feeling well and you are not sick @professor

Well if I was to go (knock on wood) I would take my phone, charger, 6ft cable, earbuds, power bank and my PS4/Xbox controller.
So I guess the same as many have posted here

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I really hope no one pulls the ventilator power plugs to charge their powerbanks or mobile phones … so no chargers please :crazy_face:


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I am well.

I am doing exercise. It is actually called voluntary work which is the same but at the end someone thanks you. Well that is how it feels.

I am curious you’d be going for wall charger at this hypothetical need. I’d be wanting the fewest wires between me and a whole lot of tubes and essential kit.

If I had to shrink to a core, it would have to be a Powercore 20000 PD Essential and one, or ideally two, Slim+, and a phone. Reluctantly.

Many years ago I was in hospital for weeks. The nurse said if I were well enough to read a book I am well enough to leave. I think 2020 is probably well enough to check your phone, well enough to leave.

So hope we’re well enough to check our phones.

Just a bit of fun.

Phone, battery pack, and headphones probably. But I have to be in really bad shape to even consider a hospital, so probably none of the above.

A bible! :innocent:

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Can get over a week with frugal use of both…

Think with half the machines normally going at one time, a wall socket would be in short supply anyways :laughing:

Suppose I could also pack my Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD but I wouldn’t be planning on stopping that long anyhow…

I would bring nothing because when you sleep somebody will steal it

If you need artificial respiration there is only Our Lord who could help you.
NO buds, no speakers, no powerbanks.

Noise cancelling headphones for the machine which goes ping?

Odd, as if your particular god didn’t prevent you getting into hospital you should try a different god towards the end. Strength through diversity.

I was in hospital last year.
What was left : I got cured so far and I left the hospital in humility.
Humility seems forgotten for many.

Dont talk about religion.
You may have another God than I believe in.
BUT I accept this.

I don’t.

I only counter it when someone else does, usually with humour as that is the greatest leveller. As you raised it, I reminded me of this joke.

I have also been in hospital and it was the nurses and doctors who actually helped me out. I remember the boredom.

Interesting one @professor
I think it’s gotta be simple, mobile phone and charger. At a push my PowerCore 20000 PD.
That has most bases covered.

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