If you could choose a company to work with anker, what company would you choose and why?

For instance, I would say Anker and Ultimate Ears so they are able to make one of the best bluetooth speakers with the battery life and chips of Anker and the audio quality and speakers from Ultimate Ears.


its from logitech, right? I remember getting earbuds from them and they didn’t last, this was years ago

Yea Logitech owns Ultimate Ears. I would have said Logitech but people would probably think of the Logitech computer mice and keyboards .

Anker makes those too :joy: But after googling the name, i didn’t know that the ± speakers were theirs.

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Oh yea true😂 and yes they do but those speakers are expensive but I personally think it’s worth the money

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I think I’d choose McDonalds so when the kids have a Happy Meal they would get a free Anker Gift :ok_hand:

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Apple because their iPhone battery life sucks

Anker X Supreme collab = Anker products in all red materials and supreme branding with a 10000% mark up on the pricing lol :joy:

I would like to see Anker colab with the top 2 phone makers, Samsung and Apple. The reason is they make products for them both so why not divulge in offering something extra when a new phone is released. Say for Samsung you can do like a portable speaker/ battery bank and for Apple you can do selfi stick and a usb-pd bank or something along those lines

OnePlus and make DASH chargers and battery packs and cables.