If you are a PowerUser what would you like to see improved in the program?

I would like to see a variety of products but there are still a great amount of products to review.


The ability to hide all the iPhone and apple only products from the list :smile_cat:


More variety. Screen protectors are hard to review or give feedback on without having been put through abuse and tests. I’d like more products that are fun to test.

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Personally, I visit the site from time to time but find the samples always already taken, so it’s been impossible to give feedback.

Maybe that’s a UK thing or I’ve been unlucky, but perhaps a different method of distributing the items might result in the samples being given to a wider range of users

Would be good if there was more stuff to review and more regularly.

Agree with Arwin as well. For someone who uses Android phones I’m not interested in products for Apple products.

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I would like to see more items to review but I also would like to see more items at a discount for sale. The flash sales seem to rarely come.

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same here. would be helpful to get a notification, or otherwise allocation by country, to avoid the US having all the luck
There is already a check to ensure one can test 8 items in 12 months.

I’m a big fan of the new, one off products that Anker has been releasing lately - flashlights, GoPro batteries, desk lamps, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the various power packs that Anker makes, but aside from maybe a new charging technology (very important to the right people) there really isn’t a lot that changes with them. As a result a person can make a reasonable interpretation of how a new generation of the PowerCore 26800 will work/behave/reliability/etc.

Those other new products that represent a new product line is where the early reviews and feedback are truly important for buyers. I’d recommend more review samples of those new product lines.


As @tommcd24 said I like being exposed to other product lines which in turn really helps get the word out to others about new products. Just yesterday I found out Anker made flashlights. Who Knew? Anyways the batteries with new technology do apply to some of us heavy users but I feel most can determine what they need based on the last version of a product. I do love the new features but I would like to test out other areas of Ankers products.

Agreed! I would love more chances to get Power User samples, but deeply discounted ones would be just as good! Maybe even if users were to upload their devices and Anker could choose a few at random! Great products though, in a watered down market, Anker clearly stands out from the rest!