If Apple had to incorporate one of Anker's technologies into an iPhone which one would it be any why

Could it be the speakers from the soundcores, or the Power IQ technology, or a huge battery bank attached to it?

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@nigelhealy Can I copy your post next time?:joy: :joy:




Only if you do it for powerbucks :joy:

As to the original question. QC 3.


How about apple, instead of bringing in 3 year old android technology and claiming its new, actually do something new!

Be like anker and actually be inventive!

Be like anker and develope batteries that last!

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People who buy Apple think they are clever. Just let them… it keeps inflation away from Android.

And yet the Note8 retailed for close to $1000, the Pixel 2XL could cost over $1000 for the 128GB variant, and phone prices just keep going up across the board. I love my S8, but next time I “upgrade” I may go for a mid-ranger that has 80% of the capability for 50-60% of the price of a flagship.





My phone is Oneplus 3T, my tablet is Lenovo shipped direct from China, my chargers are Anker. It is all working good quality stuff and ~ half the cost of Apple products. I do encounter in real life the folks with Apple products but they do not offer a strong argument for their decisions, it seems to be just a Svengali told them to buy

Earphones and cable :wink:

Unfortunately, for the time being I’m stuck with Verizon, which uses CDMA networks. That eliminates Huawei/Honor, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and quite a few others. Thankfully, Motorola is typically compatible, since they’ve had such a strong relationship in the past. Phones like the G5+ get more and more tempting as the prices climb. Once cameras get better in the midrange, I’ll probably get one, and when I’m paying my own phone bill (shout out to mom and dad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) after I graduate, I’ll probably switch to AT&T just so I can grab phones like the Honor View 10.

Or the MVNO equivalents. 90% as good but 50% the cost.

Don’t let the marketing rich suck you dry.

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Has to be the PowerLine+ II without a doubt.