IF AMAZON HAS DELETED YOUR REVIEWS OR ACCOUNT and you were not at fault. Don't worry I have the Solution

So, I am noticing a lot of people on here saying that their Amazon Reviews were all the sudden deleted. If this has happened to you and you did not blatantly break their TOS for reviewing on purpose; then there is hope for you yet. Not to worry I have a simple solution to your problem. CALL. Seriously, several members of the community were able to get their reviews back and the ability to review back as well, all you need to do is call and speak to them politely and explain your situation. They should have no problem restoring your status, also if you are a Prime member it helps, not necessary, but they seem to do anything for loyal prime members. I hope that helps! Please reply with any questions or any experiences you may have had with this type of situation. Thank You!


Anybody knows why they delete reviews? It must be based on something.

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It’s funny that you posted this thread because I FINALLY got an email from them today, telling me that they have reinstated my account. For almost 3 weeks, I’ve been contacting them in regards to my account. Sure, I can still make purchases but my whole Profile (reviews, etc) was gone. And I couldn’t even post a question on an item I was interested in purchasing. The 3 times that I contacted them, they were very very vague as to why my account was in “bad standing.” Live Chat only told me that they would note my account and send it up to a higher department to look into it. I asked them for an explanation because as far as I know, I haven’t done anything to warrant their action. Never got a straight answer. One rep said that it could happen if I violated their policy. So I asked what policy that I broke but of course, they didn’t know. Anyway, all they said in the email I received this morning was they looked into it and now I’m reinstated. And sorry for the inconvenience. No explanation of any kind. Now, my reviews and profile is back up. It’s been frustrating. Next time, I’ll call it in.

I think if you break their policy about doing reviews for freebies or discounts.


You will never get an explanation from AMAZON.
Only “sorry…” nothing more.

They will not tell you the secret how they found you and why they banished you.

For all other who have been struck by AMAZON’s lightning.
Do this what Chris suggested:

CALL them, be very polite and overwhelming friendly.
And if necessary be a little “stupid and innocent” :joy:

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They use AI to auto tag reviews and accounts. Looks for patterns and then bam. If you call, a person actually looks at it and makes a decision


Of course they use algorithms, BUT the secret is how the specifications are programmed to find a “rascal”.

And if you call, there is a human being who is making a decision after your call.
The more friendly and polite you are, the better is the decision… :heart_eyes:

And don’t ask why.
The human being will never know, only the algorithm knows!:joy:

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Some people accidentally violate the terms of service for reviews which is what I think originally happened to me, I’m not sure. But I do know that people will definitely get their reviews pulled if they are biased or if they mentioned that a company gave them a free sample and they are reviewing it on Amazon because that was their big thing they changed back in 2016

Yeah that’s cool that you got back in but it sucks they gave you a run around. Which is why I call immediately for things that are serious not like oh my packages late. Talk to a customer rep and t yeah that’s cool that you got back in but it sucks they gave you a run around. Which is why I call immediately for things that are serious not like oh my package is late. Talk to a customer rep and Speak well be clear and state your case and if you were an Amazon prime member threaten to cancel your membership if they won’t back down

Thanks for chiming in on that it’s nice to have someone like you who literally just did what I said and got your situation resolved. Again I’m glad to hear it but you are correct they will not give you a reason mostly because Amazon workers don’t give a crap about Amazon the company so they just don’t care enough or are not fed the information so I definitely don’t hold the person you get on the phone with accountable that’s why am always really nice to them. So yeah if everyone just keep that in mind when you approach trying to get your reviews back you should have a better chance

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Yeah basically there is an algorithm or some computer program that I guess six through all of the reviews constantly and maybe find keywords or phrases in some peoples reviews and then since it’s a computer program it doesn’t ask it’s operator if it’s a good idea to get rid of or not get rid of this person‘s reviews for example. It will just Delete them because it’s a computer and it’s just logic

Hahaha awesome comment

Thanks guys for making this active I really appreciate it I think that together we can help a lot of people who are getting screwed over by this massive corporation. Thanks again will be chatting again soon!

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Not true. If you are a Prime Memeber they will help you more. That’s true. Plus I doubt they let it to a program to decide after you call. Being friendly and polite goes a long way. See our “President”…he could get away with more if he was a little more polite, well, definitely not the hair cut but you know what I mean.

I think I’ll make that call


Do it!
Good luck, it will work, I’m sure! :smiley:

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do it and tell us what happens

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