IDMIX QI/QC 3.0/PD 2.0 Powerbank

I know it’s heresy but has anyone heard of the IDMIX Wireless Portable Charger on Indiegog ( IDMIX:World's Fastest Wireless PowerBank & Charger | Indiegogo ) I know it’s not Anker but it looks a little too good to be true for 8000mah and $60. Any chance it’s a quality product?

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Not sure about this, if you are looking for a slim Power bank, Anker makes a Slim 10000mAh for less than $30 here:

However, I see that it is a wireless power bank which is kind of cool. But you would have to keep your phone on it to charge. Maybe see if they have some kind of warranty just in case it stops working. That is whats good with Anker products, it is backed by warranty.

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Personally I would trust or back certain things…this being one of them. Check AliExpress or Alibaba and you will see something similar…

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Recently, we will make a product comparison post, so you can see anker wireless chargers’ performance compare to our competitors.:grin: