Identifying strangers

Hi, out of curiosity how for we identify people to our eufy cam system

You look at them firmly with a steady look and say their name, JK iDK I just got a doorbell and trying to find out the same thing

Found it… you click the two lines up the top left, settings smart detection… only thing is I’ve added my face but I’m still a stranger?


@Phillip_Del_Paggio face recognition is not accurate 100% of the time. When you add your photo as known person and come in front of camera, the AI engine starts to work and match your face with the one you saved before. It all depends on the angle, clarity, and other circumstances whether the AI will match you with saved photo or not.
It is a good feature, still need a lot of fine tuning and polishing and personally I like it but I would not depend on it.

Try adding a few additional selfies taken from different angles

Unfortunately, you can only add one picture for each name. you need add it under different name.