Ideas for new Anker Products

Hi, how about to start a brainstorming, what Anker could release next? There re so many products in the shop, but also many, that not exist yet!

So what u re missing on the market? Which Anker gadget could be useful?

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This was just done before.
Try to find the link.
Too lazy to scroll (ca 32C) :grin:


ok sry, im new and here re sooo many threads :sweat_smile:


You are so much welcomed!

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Hi @wladimir1995 and welcome to the community. This is a thread which was being referred to;

It’s always wise to do a quick search before creating a new thread, as like you said, there are many so it’s quite possible your topic of discussion is already in full flow or has been covered before.


thank you :slight_smile:

@wladimir1995 what is yours?

i think about a laser projection keyboard. there are a few on the market, but they not work very well. if anker would make on, i think it would be a great quality


I’d rather see them be more innovated, laser projection has been done, not well, but done. For me #Anker is the company I look to when I need a Holy Shit! product. They are always ahead of the curve and their quality craps on others. Agreed though that they could do one, but honestly, who uses them anyway? I’m serious, do people use projection keyboards?

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