Idea: Zolo bone conduction headset

So I’m pondering what could be the coming soon Zolo idea.

And I saw the Razer mention.

And that got me thinking.

Currently VR headsets are awkwardly heavy so what if you made a bone conduction behind the ear speaker so you don’t have to block the ear canal, with say some sunglasses which augmented reality?

Use for gaming?

Something like this


WOW!! You have been thinking lol

It’s big, whatever it is


So it’s not just audio. So must be lights too? See and hear.

It can’t be that big because if it were they’d just announce and not hype.

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That’s way too much thinking for a Sunday morning :grin: …not sure I’m sold on Bone Conduction, too many things it could shake loose or set off (and I’ve already got enough rattling around in my head :laughing: )

As for the hype vs big…hard to tell…the fact that colours and seeing keeps getting brought up it does seem like something visual as well as audio based…but wasn’t Zolo supposed to be purely audio products :confused: Perhaps a speaker with LCD panel…a few of the images do look like coloured audio spectrums…


It is a gap in Anker’s sound porfolio.

One I reason I do not use buds when cycling is blocking my audio. I gave away the Liberty+ because they’d easily fall out, block my hearing before they fell out and without a wire to catch them become buds pancake in seconds.

So long as you do not make the sound too loud the conclusions with bone conduction are favourable.


Sounds like a brain aneurysms best friend… :joy:

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I second that. The Zolos fell off too easily. My ears must be different as opposed to the billions of others on this planet. Every headset besides over the ear and the Anker Lite headphones have fallen off. :expressionless:

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This is genius! I have heard so many good things about bone conduction, Id definitely buy them.

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You should check out @nigelhealy posts about ear shape they’re a good read.

Another Zolo Liberty+ Review!

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Ive literally tried everything, aside from getting them custom molded the only earbuds that somewhat stay are the Anker Lite headphones, they have been highjacked by my wife now though so I am back to using my portable speaker for everything. :grin:

Happy wife happy life. This should hold the buds in place.

I can’t wait for the over the ear ones from Anker. :wink: