ICYMI: Power IQ 2.0

Wow. So excited for May!


I wouldn’t mind picking one of those babies up. Not that I don’t have enough Anker power banks. Hehehe. Anker we will go, Anker we will go… LOL.

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I have all I need and gifted a lot already.

Just did a quick day trip down to Santa Monica, only needed my phone but with plenty of Uber time I didn’t want to go only with the phone.

I packed a Anker Powerline 3ft, my Powercore 5000 Slim and a non Anker charger because smaller, Anker soundbuds for walking around finding Uber, corded headphones for flight.

I prefer to not lug a quick charge type because bigger, prefer to use sit down time using the Slim, then recharge Slim when near mains.

I still seek a pure end to end USB-C solution from Anker. USB-C​ charger and USB-C battery.

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Is it actually an upgrade from the wonderful 10000?

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You were in my neck of the woods :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The first PowerCore with PowerIQ2 Tech has been found on Amazon.

Here it is:
Anker PowerCore II 20000 Power Bank with PowerIQ2.0 Technology https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LQ81QR0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_uVLEzbHP96RHJ

You can order it now, but it’s not in stock until August 30th.

We know that a 10000 mAh version will also be coming sometime in August, possibly also on the 30th.

The benefit should help in the smaller Powercore where the thermal output of the electronics dominate more. In larger Powercore the heat of bundling up cells is more a limiting factor.

I expect faster smaller chargers. Waiting.

A 3A output Powercore 10000 same weight and size as current 2A, please.

A 2.4A input 3A output 10000.

I also expect USB-PD 30W in 20000 size.