ICYMI: New Product(s) Coming Monday!

In a recent Anker Facebook post, they say, “We’ve got a surprise for you. Can you wait?” I was scrolling through the comments, seeking any guesses, and the best one I saw came from who I believe to be @nigelhealy. His idea is as follows…

“Just based purely on the photo of what is shown vs not shown, is this a cable with a battery in the middle that charges the Apple device 1st then recharges itself and can store a little bit of power? Like this: https://cdn.macrumors.com/arti.../2016/08/Jackery-Jewel.jpeg

This is a brilliant man! I would say that there is a very good chance that he’s right! From the picture, I could not guess any better, but, of course, we’ll have to wait until Monday to hear the official word from Anker!

Thanks but I bet its just another cable. Like the Powerline II

Currently the Dura is Lightning only.

One thought though I had, which i don’t think is the Oct 4th / April 10th announcement, was based on a family member’s reaction to a power outage we had last night. I had kitted out the family with a Powercore Fusion each, 3 of us are Android and one of is iphone. The iphone user’s view was to state they’d simply go to bed with the Fusion plugged into power and a lightning cable to iphone and so at least they wake in the morning with a charged iphone, buf if the power came on during the night then they’d also wake with a charged Fusion. Or, “a Fusion with the cable is all I need”. That then made me think if you merge in a charger with a portable charger it is only lacking a cable, so why not include the cable?

Then from my metered testing of cables there is a puzzle that 2.4A output becomes 2.2A and 3A becomes 2.8A and so it must contain some losses in the USB side of the connection, so if you soldered the cable in you’d get less losses, so if you literally just had a charger with some battery with a ligntning cable combined you’d have “all you need”. Now the usual problem with combined cables+chargers is the cable fails more commonly, so if you merge in the cable you’d have probably more total overall failures of a higher cost item than just a cable, but if you combined in the Dura II manufacturing process of more reliable cables, then possibly you could manufacture a combined charger+battery+cable where the components all age and fail about the same time.

i.e. if you merge this idea

with this idea
<img src=“//forumus-uploads-production.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/original/3X/c/4/c46c2eae2151c3980e79e62924563dd49fe886ea.png” width=“500” height=“500”>

If you made the cable neatly tidy away, say with this idea

You’d then have one product you go with which is all you need, if away from the wall you plug in to the cable and when near a wall socket you’d plug in there also.

I hope it’s not just a regular cable. What’s the October 4 thing?

they literally say cable4life and show a cable. So cable?

No I mean I haven’t seen it.

With @nigelhealy on this one, most likely a cable / new colour of cable and/or a cable giveaway…

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Can you link me to the October 4th thingy?

Its a joke about USA being a little weird.

4/10/17 in most countries is the 4th of October, as in your smaller days then medium size months, then largest is years (common sense)

But USA (who can’t spell colour, labour, Aluminium, etc) swap the day and month so its April 4th 2017 so the the medium size month, then the small size day then the large year.

OH. lol now I get it. Thanks!