ICYMI: More PowerCore Colors Coming Soon

Any word on when we’ll be seeing them? @AnkerOfficial

I saw them too.

An energy transformation device, color…

Also running on the twitter feed;

Not many are feeling the love…based on the stats

I’m with many of the Twitter responders: I would like to see a dark orange color :smile:

I do like one of the twitter ideas, black with red highlights…however on the whole matt black all the way for me :grin:

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So If I vote Yes is that a bad thing? And If I vote no is that a good thing?? @AnkerOfficial

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I vote for the yes, I think it’s just a marketing question … our opinions could be relevant to Anker


The face doesnt look indicative of a yes response though. And a thumbs up for no? :joy:

They voted about 700-800 yes to 300-400 no.

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Hmmm… I haven’t seen any colored ones yet @cava3395 @Daiross @ndalby @TechnicallyWell @nigelhealy

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I’d gladly have Anker drop any thoughts about product color and work more on electronics innovation.


True… You’re funny