I won the powerdraw! Now how do I claim the product?

I see that I won, and I’ve beenchecking my spam and promo email labels to make sure I haven’t missed the email asking me to verify shipping, etc. Has anyone won this before, and did you need to do something special to get the product?

Thanks in advance!


Congrats. :slight_smile: Now, you just wait. Anker will send you an email to claim your prize. Just be patient. Sometimes it can take up to a week or so to hear from them. But they WILL contact you. Again, congratulations. :slight_smile:

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Do send a Private Message (PM) note to Ankerofficial if you dont hear back by Next Monday,

Also check your spam folder associated to your anker account,



I think @kumar.sachin was having the same issue


Maybe just a general delay then :thinking:

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Wait, I suggest expect email on coming Monday/Tuesday, you’ll get an email like this.

As others said, check spam folder.

When you click in email link (why it tends to be spamified, obvious phishing method, sigh, really Anker) then it asks for shipping address. They send in a country-specific way but usually the cheapest method so expect a feather to be lightly waffed over your front door for a nanosecond to then prove you are not in and they leave a card for you to arrange redelivery.

Oh, look, I not for won for nearly a year… but we do enjoy those one line threads from the newbies, don’t we???

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I guess so, but it’s better to contact Anker just in case

@gAnkster hey I won the powerdraw as well congrats and enjoy :blush:

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Nice, you’ll love the earbuds

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100% Better to be safe than sorry.

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Same here (I think :thinking:) now only do 1-2 tickets on an interested item…

Ryan at Lv10 is hardly a newbie :laughing:

Yes i never got the email so i just contacted support with my shipping address and they shipped it right away. Got my powerline III cable the next day.

Lucky you! i tried my one ticket but it wasn’t selected :rofl:

Great news then, worked out even better :+1:

@ikari04warrior I hope so I used all of my bucks to get them :sweat_smile: :… will finally have a pair for work so I don’t have to listen to all the other people’s music :notes:

I too have this small lightning cable… use to charge Airpods


Congrats! And just wait, the Anker teem will contact you

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Congrats @gAnkster :+1: you will get it eventually… don’t worry :wink:
Hey @AnkerOfficial moved out…wait till the new employee assigned to this role :grinning:


@ankerofficial moved out!? This is like our parents getting a divorce! Was it something we did?

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