I went to the wrong site

Haha not a big deal but I’d thought I would share.

I was going to get on Anker’s ROAV site, I typed it just as anker’s with no other wording, just roav. And came across this

I was confused “everything you want to know about cannabis”… I told myself that there’s no way this is about car products.
So I then googled “roav” and figure out it was www.goroav.com :joy:


LOL. :joy:

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Roav, Light It Up… :joy:

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So funny :slight_smile:

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were you high when googling this??? if so…you were in the right place lol

This is what I found :grin::

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A google search finds that. But if you type it in the url (roav.com) you get what he got. Tested and Confirmed :joy:

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Lol no I meant typing it like when you visit anker.com :joy: as @cava3395 states “(roav.com)” I didn’t want to state the link since at first because I thought I would get in trouble :sweat: haha

Ugh, I just did this myself. Completely forgot that it’s goroav.com…but anyone notice the year mark for that page says 2016, I wonder how long before their website url will expire. If and when it does, Anker/Roav should totally snatch it up


Kudos on google search ranking! @AnkerOfficial

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