I want to become a product tester / reviewer for Anker!

I want to become a product tester / reviewer for Anker! How can I help review items (ex. Projectors) for possible usage in educator (ex. Effectiveness in classroom educator / project based learning).

Thank you for this consideration and help in trying to become a product tester for Anker. I appreciate it!


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Hi @Keith_loveless , you have a few options for testing / reviewing

  • apply for the power user program (this covers beta tests and discounted items)
  • enter the weekly PowerDraw
  • enter the We Love Testing events which are run at various stages (devise a testing plan and enter the competition)
  • hope you get selected to beta test an item (these are direct offers by Anker)
  • finally, purchase the item you want to review…

Great answer :clap:

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I agree with @ndalby

The best way for you to test procucts are “we love testing” events. The current one are


We Love Testing | Roav SmartCharge F3 - Deals & Giveaways - Anker Community

Hope you enjoy! Good luck on being chosen!

Remember to watch for more “we love testing” events. You just missed two others (if I recall correctly)

Ah, the imaginary BETA TESTS, coming to the power user page in October 2018‽ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think betas via the PU will be very few and far between (most likely never at the current rate), with more emphasis on direct beta test offerings, which do seem to have hit some lucky members of recent… @elmo41683 & @kumar.sachin spring to mind


I’ve entered all of those since joining … Nope, apparently it’s not for me… I may somewhere in the deepest darkest regions of memory, think I won one

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Thanks for giving us the straight up suggestions on how to become a tester

If you would like to be selected I would suggest you go back through your amazon account and write some informative reviews/comparisons on products you bought recently.

Anker will use this info when selecting new power users.

Or you could follow @amangons approach and nag the hell out of them :thumbsup: :joy:

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Is that PU still up and running? I guess Anker is re-considering how they chose BETA testers.

In there lastest We Love Testing they are asking for a link to your amazon reviews too. This is always the first place to start. You need a bit of reviewing history to give Anker something to enjoy and check you out :thumbsup:

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Ways you can do this are,

  1. Enter Power Draws
  2. Enter We Love Testing events
  3. Enter giveaways
  4. Apply to become a Power User

Or you could leave reviews on Amazon… Done that.

Or you could like @oggyboy take a cheap shot at someone!

People are asking how to get free stuff, I answered. At least when taking cheap shots, try to read the full story.

That’s it.
Reviews at Amazon are much more useful than others.
I dont think a “plain, simple” customer takes a look
here to read review.
Has this EVER been checked by the “company”.
I dont think so!

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Just review recent anker products you’ve bought then anker May consider you in the next we love testing… you can enter competitions so if you do win then you can review products:)

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I did such a lot of reviews at AMAZON.de over the years I am in that game. :grin:

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Are you part of the power user program? @fhassm

Yes. old participant I am. :joy:

BUT don’t forget the PU program has changed totally.
You might find more information here at other threads.

In the power user program do you just review beta products?

Hi Keith,

I’m an educator (instructional technologist specifically, though I was a K12 classroom teacher in a past life), and it helps to have many of us onboard here. Anker’s projectors (so far) aren’t quite up to speed for a well-lit classroom. They’re more personal entertainment devices than teaching tools.

However, I have tested lots of products for Anker - the best way is to participate in the giveaway contests and enter their drawings, etc. It’s tough to be a power user (you need a LARGE following on social media to get to that level). Anyway, start writing reviews. Also, as an english teacher I also always told students to READ a lot to be a better writer - same thing with reviews. Check out these forums and see what others have done and learn from it.

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