I want this to be the new Anker powerbank

Now even I’d find some money.for this!

The cat in the middle can be swapped for other cats, and it’s a powerbamk… What more do you want?

Love it, want one for my work desk.

Can I have a grumpy owl :owl: instead of a :scream_cat:

@$85 for the complete cat set…I’ll pass. Although if it was a higher mAh and had PD i might pay that price just cause my wife wants it

Looks like a toy for kids.
I prefer my black solid pb from ANKER!

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I think I will keep my Anker Powerbank and put bubble wrap on it and pretend it is a Lego Block. lolol. :wink:

So cute!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
A little similar to pokeman! Lol