I want a car charger

I want a car charger.

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So buy one? Maybe be more specific in that are you looking for any specific car charger? Do you need Power Delivery? Do you need Quick Charge? Do you need multiple ports? What specifically are your needs?

Unless of course your just saying you want a car charger and Anker should give you one…in that case enter one of the many contest anker does and also enter the powerdraw when one is available on there.



Get one then

Anker has a lot to choose from Anker Car Chargers . You can check them all (that are available now) out and see which one you like

Too funny! I too want a car charger! But the HellCat edition!


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Tesla wall charger?

Looks great :hearts:

Here’s a buying guide I made to help make your purchase decision easier!

Car charger? Let’s see.

I believe these charge at cars.

You meant to charge a car?

If that’s not what you want…

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Thanks for your advice.

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Thank you.

Really great post i want a care charger…