I received my powerline+ ii lightning cable!

I was excited to receive the powerline+ lightning cable from Anker, I have the USB-C and Micro USB versions of this cable and I’m extremely satisfied with both. The bonus to this cable is that it comes with a zipper travel case to keep it from getting tangled up or damaged while stored! The cable also comes with the typical Anker Velcro cable tie. The braided cable to me has just the right mix of stiffness (more durable and larger diameter cable which will increase throughput), it is manageable, but not too floppy. I find that some cables that are touted as durable suffer from being too stiff and are almost impossible to use. Anker has found the right balance. My other two powerline+ cables are going strong with no fraying or damage of any sort. Of course it is mifi certified so no worries about your device showing incompatible accessory like some aftermarket accessories do. And the packaging is neat and premium without going overboard, this product definitely lives up to the quality I expect from Anker! Buy with confidence :slight_smile:


Can you send a photo of the zipper case you talked about? Other than that thanks for the info :+1:

Agree with Drew, pics of the case and cable always make us happy :blush:

Yeah, hold on!

Give me a minute :slight_smile:

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@pickering.drew @elmo41683 Done! To be 100% honest I as going to upload them but they needed to be resized, but I was lazy when the upload failed:joy:

:joy: far too often we are lazy and then end up doing something later that could have saved us time if we did it soone or the first time

Very true!

I have a 6ft powerline and received a much lower quality case :disappointed:. Thanks for the photo and that cable/ case combo looks sweet.

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Very big cable just to charge an iphone. Why do you need 6ft so big it needs its own case?

No problem! It’s possible you have the powerline 1? This is the 2! Do you know which you have?

It is nice at the end of the day to be in bed and easily be able to charge my phone. And I travel quite a bit so if I’m at the airport 6 feet helps me plug in more easily!

So that implies just one device your iphone and you are using a single port charger with a long cable?

Wow I really like these anker lightning cables they seem to last longer then the Apple lightning cables I’ve had my anker cable for almost 2 years and I just got power line plus 2 Incase one of my cable stops working

I’ve got mine too. I looks lush and it feels lush and it performs lush. Proper Welshy

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I received mine also.

Only ever use Anker cables due to the warranty/customer service offered and one again this cable does not disappoint.

Like others have said it looks great and feels solid. I particularly like the red anodized ends I think this gives it a quality appearance. The little pouch/carry case is also very well made and does not feel cheap or like the zip will come right off after a few uses.

Excellent cable!!

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Wow, that little box is a real plus ! I’m picking up my new PowerLine + USB-C cable tonight at the post office, I really hope it has the same box !

Well I have multiple devices, I have the power port 5, so more than one port. I work on my tablet and use Bluetooth throughout the day, so by the end of the day I have to top all of them off.