I need some help or advice for my Zolo Libertys not +

Okay so I am new here. And I recently got some Zolo Liberty’s (not the + cuz thats all ive been seeing, Idk if it makes a difference. But yeah…)

I’ve seen a few discussion on the left earbud. Well now i’ve been having that same problem. (Where you can’t hear anything. But you can press the buttons and it pauses etc.) However my left ear buds light. Doesn’t turn on or off, this includes when its charging. I don’t see it light up…

I also noticed that when I listen to the left one. It makes this weird… High pitched noise. But its not loud. I can’t get it to play music.

I’m just not sure what to do at this point. I tried syncing them, ive unpaired and paired them like 100 times and I cant tell when they pair. I dont hear anything or see a light on the bud.

I just need some suggestions cuz i really like these ear buds. The right one sounds awesome. It would be nice if i could just get them both to work at the same time.

Thank you for anyone who helps!
I also apologize cuz i know alot of these have been made. I just didnt see anything about my issue…

You may ask the support, as those issues seem to show up sometimes.
If you are in the period of warranty there should be a refund.
BUT be patient expecting a fast answer :
Christmas & New Year.
So give the fellows there a little time.

Thank you, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2019

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The fix for these is similar to the fix for the liberty+. You can check my fix Here

Also, if you just purchased these it wouldn’t hurt to exchange them at the retailer if possible for a different pair. Why go through the hassle if you can return exchange just as fast. If you don’t want to go that route then send a message to support@anker.com