I’m thinking about ordering a Anker Soundcore 2?

I’m thinking about ordering a Anker Soundcore 2. It seems like the best cheap portable speaker on the market. I won’t be using it for much but it will be a great addition to my lineup of elite speakers. I have 4 JBL boomboxes. I also have two 16 inch subwoofers in my 1985 20,000 miles Jeep. My living room also has a full surround sound and a 20 inch stationary sub. Some say I like bass. Which is why I’m investing in this speaker. It has EXCLUSIVE Bass- Up technology. So please reply with why I should by this speaker over some more expensive ones. Remember I want experience. Thanks.

You can get a twin pack, so have these as stereo.

I have a soundcore 2, and I love it. The sound is good, the bass is enough for a small speaker.

Any criticism, would be it’s not a thumping bass, just a nice clear bass.

Would definitely recommend, and if you can be bothered (I can’t) you can search my review.

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If you like bass, you may want to consider the SoundCore Boost. It was more bass than the SoundCore 2, and you can also turn the Bass Up feature on and off on the Boost.


When I compare the A3143, the Pro+ and the Flare:
My favourite is the Flare.
Good sound, (has this bass up technology) and is perfect for mobility (weight and shape) and IPX7.

The ZERO is another class. :wink:


Great thanks a lot

Great thanks

Don’t get me wrong, The Soundcore 2 is a great speaker for the office, garage, bedroom, etc., but if you are expecting loud bass, you might be disappointed. I previously has an OutdoorTech Turtle Shell (RIP) which was way louder than the Soundcore 2.

@TechnicallyWell mentioned the Soundcore Boost, which is also a good speaker that is actually louder and has more bass than the Soundcore 2. If you are going to travel with the speaker or moving it around frequently, the Soundcore 2 is better IMO. The Boost has a mesh/cloth around it that looks like it can easily get cut or ripped. I personally use the Boost at home and use the Soundcore 2 at work. I grabbed the case for it that Anker sells and its makes traveling with it really easy

Also, don’t forget about that Soundcore is now its own brand and has other speakers available, just a little more expensive…

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I’ve had one for over a year now and for the price, and the fact that it’s in the Power Draw now and you could just win it, that thing is a workhorse. I have used it in a variety of ways. The battery life is incredible, it’s waterproof, but don’t go dunking it in a pool to test it, I took it camping with me and it worked wonderfully. The optional aux input is great, saves battery and it’s just useful. The sound quality is good, but the “Bassup” feature isn’t as Bassy as would you think. There are suggestions in the other replys if Bass is deciding factor, but for its size it can get very loud. Any other questions just let me know! Cheers

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I don’t have the soundcore 2 but I have the soundcore flair. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone.

I have a full review of the flair here Soundcore flare review!

I know this isn’t experience with the same speaker, but it’s similar. I hope this helps anyway.

Hi! I have bought an Anker SoundCore 2 the other day. I’m greatly satisfied with the quality especially the sound and battery life. Spotify sounds great on it at home. For me this product is for music lovers that are not perfectionists. We know that any product, even though how great it is, people will still find something wrong with it. Mabuhay from the Philippines!

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Hello, welcome here to the “party”.
Fine you enjoyed the soundcore 2 (Mini?)
Of course you should not expect “the sound” from this speaker.
Do adjustments with an equalizer (more basses I suggest) and you will be quite satisfied…
Greetings from Munich (Bavaria) to the Philippines! :smiley: