I’m new to to Eufy but would love it if Eufy made a ...

I’ve been looking at Rings latest hardwired indoor mini cam. It looks a great little indoor camera.
Does anyone know if Eufy have a small, hardwired, indoor camera? Or are Eufy in the process of marketing one?
One of the things I like about eufy is the private recording and build quality and of course the price!

Hmm no idea

There are no reports or news of small indoor camera, but would be a good competitor to Wyze

Looks like your request has been heard…

Eufy finally has an indoor cam…

Head to this LINK, you may win one of these

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This is a surprize to all of us on this forum… excited to see this new product. A perfect item for #WeLoveTesting soon.

I wouldnt hold my breath on the testing event, there will be at least 150 to 200 entries, and tough to win.

If the price is right (in the range of nearest competitor :smiley: ) , might just buy it

Thank you shenoy for the link and for pointing out that this camera is available.
Unfortunately I live in the UK so as yet not available but with luck and good reviews I would be I interested in fitting one or two.

Depends on who you think is the competitor … Wyze or Nest ? there will be huge diff in pricing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:arrow_up: this is it and Hope Eufy conquers it all :muscle: