I love the Roav C1

I installed the Roav C1 in a 2014 Subaru WRX STI and I am very impressed by the quality and even more so the mounting. From the drivers seat I cannot see the unit behind the rear view mirror so I don’t even notice it is there. I tucked the wiring along the molding to give it a clean install so that also helps. When I start my car the unit powers on and is already recording. When I power off the unit shuts down until the car is jolted or moved in some fashion enough to jolt the camera sensor. This is a handy feature. I did notice that in the cold of winter the battery was quite finnicky and took the unit some warming up before the unit came on. In my case I am not worried about the occasional disturbances like this, but something to keep in mind for having a piece of mind in case anything happens. I am contemplating purchasing another unit for the rear of my car, but might go with the other style Roav as it can be flat mounted. For the angle of my windshield the camera unit has to be fully engaged forward, but it is completely level at this point so it works out perfect.

I generally do not ever touch the unit unless I want to preview the content. The screen is responsive and all navigation panes are intuitive. The sounds are kind of raw and abrupt, but since I do not use them I do not care much. sometimes if I want to keep a video clip safe I will tap the unit to engage the motion sensor and that prompts the Roav to save the 30second clip that it is recording. What a great feature! This is my first dash cam and I have had good experience with the unit. I will be purchasing another for our other vehicles and maybe one for the rear just in case.

A really cool feature is saving videos from a road trip that we took to Rocky Mountain National Park. Just be careful to pull the chip sooner than later otherwise the data will be overwritten. Thanks for being such an awesome Dash Cam!

See the images below to check out my install!


nice reviews wish I jump on it when it was on sale but was heisted now I have to wait for the next round.

Nice review and pics, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

Nice review and pictures :grin:

Great review! I forget about my Roav dash cam, too, until I see the screen light up when getting in my car at night. :joy:


The C1 and C1 Pro go on sale pretty often… I would try setting a camelcamelcamel alert!

@AnkerTechnical should use Super capacitors for a cold weather dash cam model or all dash cams. They Proform much much better in cold weather.

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Nice review. I have ROAV camera and I like it but I hate dealing with the SD Card. The other night I tried install a new card and my finger slipped and the spring ejected the card and out the car window! I wish it had a Bluetooth connection so I coulddrag it over to the phone or my laptop instead.

I would suggest getting as big as a card the unit will take. On long road trips you will overwrite your video.

Bluetooth would be too slow.