I lost my soundcore liberty air

I lost my soundcore liberty air a few weeks ago and have been trying to find it. I don’t know what to do about it and does anyone know if I can possibly like do the find my thing with it since Apple has it. (I lost it at school)

I’m very sorry to hear this. I regret to report that The liberty air does not have this feature.

Make sure to tell your trusted friends to keep an eye out for them.

Best of luck at finding them!


Thank you and yeah I hope I can find them at school somehow. I reached out to some teachers but most of them said to find the cleaning people since they store the things they’ve found in a room.


If you’ve lost it at school somebody’s probably took it… I guess you’ll have to buy a new one probs look out in lost property or something

If that’s the case, just try to find someone using them… perhaps there’s a way you could prove they took it?

Woulda Coulda Shoulda … with small wireless stuff, things are ought to be lost…

Finders are keepers, you cannot go tagging people and accuse them of taking them, be fair, they too could have bought it.

so always store items where they should be :slight_smile: and try not to lose them again…

For now, buy a new pair if you dont get / find the earphones

If it was lost as if you cannot physically find it, there are ways to locate Bluetooth items. But here someone most likely found it and kept it, you have to hope that finder is honest

School is the worst place to lose something good. Honestly feeling sorry for you because my sister had her purse stolen from her (it was right beside her when she was at the locker) and the person ended up stealing money and headphones but gave everything else back because we involved the school police. Hoping you can find the person and he/she is honest

When I go out with my hearing aids on, I take the little pouch from Soundcore sport. That way it’s safer than 2 loose H.A. in my jacket pocket.

If.you cannot remember the difference, if you lose the o from loose, cos loose is to loose!
Something like that!!! lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Did you lose the earbuds and case?

If you have one but not the other then it won’t be of much use to whoever has them. Maybe put up a sign or ask that an announcement be made and offer a small reward.

If you lost the whole setup then it may be more difficult to convince someone to give it back haha.

Good luck. :+1:

Well, that’s one way of looking at it, but definitely not the right way…

Hmmm… suppose I lose my Soundcore Liberty earphones, and then I see you wearing Soundcore Liberty earphones, can I approach you and ask you it is my earphones, give it to me??

Unless I have definite proof that those are my earphones, I cannot approach you…

that is the point I am making here :smile:

That is true, that’s why I said to prove that they took them.

This is what I was taking about. You’re basically saying stealing is okay… :thinking:

Not saying stealing is okay… big no no. But if people dont return or report the items… they keep it - in a way steal, but there is nothing that can be done

[quote=“cshenoy, post:14, topic:67960, full:true”] they keep it - in a way steal, but there is nothing that can be done
As @kumar.sachin said since it’s Bluetooth you have a way of tracking it and proving in a way that it is yours

Bluetooth needs to be in certain vicinity, but still tracking or finding is a challenge…but not impossible

Its not like iPhone’s Find my Phone feature

Any update @Peppy_Pepcern? Did you find them?

Have you asked the a hook secretary or tutors from your classes? Or ask the caretaker.

Hopefully someone has been honest, but in today’s world, with today’s attitudes I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

Before this, did you know of anyone else with Soundcore headphones?