I know were are not so many here over the pond

but there is always something to announce! :slight_smile:


Nice discounts for our German friends…every penny helps :wink: :thumbsup:

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AHHHHHH HELLLLSSSSS NAWWWW!!! 84,99 euros for a DashCam C2 Pro! Wow! that is an fantastic price! On Amazon US it’s $149, at BestBuy it’s $139, and for you all across the pond it’s about $96. Big difference in price and I have been eye-balling this thing for a while! Gotta wait for a US sale and hopefully around the same price! Thanks for the post cause it gives me hope the price will eventually go down

Don’t forget to do the exchange rate, as different currency in.europe/UK

Nice. I’m not in Germany (or Europe at all) but they look like good deals :+1::+1::+1:

To buy from Germany,

Log in to Amazon.de … Instead of your usual Amazon

Find item

Read more underneath the price as to whether it will ship to your country. If so, go ahead n proceed with purchasing.

On the billing page, it will say how much, and how much the SHIPPING/HANDLING will be. If cheaper than buying g from your usual Amazon country, buy it

Quite simple really.

Thanks for the tip! I might do this with other products :+1:

Nice German deals… they are not forgotten

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