I have been scammed by Ankers Authorized Reseller of Pakistan

Hello …

I have been scammed/ripped by the Laraib Electronics, Ankers Authorized Distributor/Reseller of Pakistan.

Where can i complain? Since they are not solving my problem THey scammed me 12500PKR(Approx 75 USD)

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You’re correct, they are one of the two authorised distributors in Pakistan


  • gather all your evidence, be dispassionate and read your words as if read by someone else in the future, factual and concise.
  • dates, copies of invoices, etc.
  • make a reasonable effort first to go through who you bought from, gathering evidence and writing all words with an eye on someone else reading them later.
  • if no reasonable response from distributor, then go to Anker directly, support@anker.com attaching all evidence, correspondences.

You won’t really get resolution here in a public forum.

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Just wondering what did they do that scammed/ripped you off?

Bro i am also being scammed from them,

I am from Karachi Pakistan, I paid online around 80 USD and its been 13 days the company’s support is making excuses and i am not getting my product shipped.

The website claims to take around 4-5 days on a product but i am messaging them daily they respond me with excuses like “we’re working”, “it will be delivered in this week” and so on… the tracking shows the product is not shipped.

and now they’ve stopped responding on whatsapp.

Please help me, How did you manage to solve it? if you ever solved it??