I have an Anker spending problem

I’m absolutely certain I’ve developed a spending problem when it comes to Anker. Rewind back to 2019, I purchased my first Anker product being a used PowerCore 20100 from eBay and I was completely blown away at the build quality and functionality versus the price. Less than a year later, I purchased a 4-in-1 USB-C Hub for my new MacBook Pro. And shortly after, I began receiving recommendations for more Anker products on Amazon. Given having a MacBook and Nintendo Switch exposed me to USB-C, I decided to take the leap and buy more products. Within a month, I had ordered the PowerStrip Pad PD, PowerCore 20100 PD as well as various PowerLine Cables for all my devices. Build quality and functionality vs. price is what absolutely amazed me.

As I took the leap into Wireless Charging between 2020 and now, I decided it was time to order more products including the PowerWave Stand & Pad and now the newly released PowerCore Magnetic Portable Charger which will probably become my favorite product next to the PowerCore Fusion PD.

Now I’ve invested in more PowerLine, PowerStrip, and PowerCore products (probably 20+) ever since I’ve moved into my apartment and I’ve never been happier owning over 30 products from one brand. I’ve even been amazed with their other brands as well such as eufy and Roav. I’ve never had a single bad experience with anything I’ve ordered from Anker, and I greatly appreciate them for that. It’s hard for me not to purchase something from Anker knowing the experience is always going to be great.


Seems you are a real collector so far.:grinning:


You belong right here with us then, welcome :+1:

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Nice collection you have there @chambersbrax
You’re in good company :sunglasses:

My very first anker product was a replacement battery for my Samsung Galaxy S phone by Anker. :smile:

Wow! I didn’t know they used to make batteries for phones lol

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I think, I would take @Tank collection as he has stated in one of his community profile.

Ah yes I actually have to add a bunch more products to my list since it’s been a while from when I last updated it.

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