I have a question

I just got the Anker today. I was wondering when the Anker is charged can you take it with you anywhere to charge your devices or does it only charge your device when the Anker is Plugged in?

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What device are you taking about?
There are MANY Anker devices.
We can do a lot, but we dont have an ANKER “crystal ball”.


As @Chiquinho noted, we would need to know which device you’re talking about specifically.
In general:

  • Anker’s power banks can be charged and then used to charge your device anywhere.
  • Anker’s wall chargers can only be used while plugged in.

Hey @smorgan1028
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I can only assume you have a PowerBank.
If thats the case it doesn’t need to be plugged in to charge other devices. In fact it wont charge devices while plugged in/being charged itself.

But as @Chiquinho and @TechnicallyWell mentions, further info will let us give you a more accurate response.

Hope to see you around the forum.


Are you possibly referring to a fusion powerbank?


I have the Anker that plugs into the wall. Thank you Everyone for being so helpful.

There are MANY Anker chargers which can be plugged in a wall socket.
PLEASE give us more information, otherwise we can not help you much.
If you dont know the type of that charger some photos will enlighten us.

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I posted a picture

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Hello andrewGholden374. I posted a picture of the Anker charger I got.

That’s a wireless charger, only works when it’s plugged in.
If you want to charge your devices on the go, you should get a powerbank

Here are some

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Thanks! That wireless charging pad will need to be plugged in to charge your phone.

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Hope you got all the answers you needed.
If there are more question, please ask.
We are all here to help you.
Enjoy the weekend!

Depends on the type of phone! :wink: